Inaugural Meeting Monday July 13th 8pm

Gentlemen,  I am pleased to announce that the long awaited Port Guichon Mens Book Club will host its first meeting Monday July 13th at 8 pm at my place in my backyard studio.

Here are two reasons why you should attend.

1.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.   Proverbs 27:17

2.  Books contain knowledge.    Discussing great books can prevent that knowledge from degenerating into information.  And as we ask interact with the texts and with each other we can perhaps gain a measure of wisdom.

Ok, here is the format for the evening.  Each man gets 10 minutes to present and evaluate his chosen book.  Then the group gets 5 min to ask questions and discuss.

Keep in mind as you read, evaluate, and discuss, that this is a Men’s book club, and we are not interested in how books make us feel.  Rather we will ask questions like:  Is it true?  Is it good?  Is it beautiful?  Is it practicable? Can I make money with this?  Is my soul better off after reading? etc.

So what book should you bring?  Well, any good one really.  There is a great list on Chuck Colsen’s website.   If you are stuck try anything by C.S Lewis.

All right best regards and blessings as you seek the mind of Christ.  See you monday


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